Thank you to all who supported our 35th Annual Corvette Raffle! We would not be able to have the impact we do without your continued support. Here is the list of all winners in this year's raffle.
  • Grand Prize: Ticket 849, David Satkus
Here are the $500 Winners.
  • Ticket 74, Dean Hoskin
  • Ticket 178, Gerald Fagan
  • Ticket 854, Daniel Dolan
  • Ticket 387, Stanley Dykes
  • Ticket 129, Patrick McGowan
  • Ticket 289, John Hughes
  • Ticket 857, Hugh Raymond (July Early Bird)
  • Ticket 116, Garran Sparks (August Early Bird)
  • Ticket 464, Aaron Bartz (September Early Bird)
See the complete raffle video using THIS LINK.