Holly Deitchman: Holly loves her fellow Rotarians and says that Rotary serves as her reminder of the importance of serving. Originally invited to join by Library Director George Scheetz, Rotary has exposed Holly to local leaders and increased her visibility within the community. When Holly attended her first meeting, she was surprised to meet the Fire Chief, Sheriff, a council member, local business owners, and Batavians from all occupations. Holly was one of three female members and is the first woman to serve a full term as President. She has also been Youth Exchange Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Appropriations Chair, and has served on multiple committees. She has stayed with Rotary for 13 years because of the friendships she has formed and the regular service projects that she regularly attends with her children. Holly says that Rotary takes priority in her calendar after 13 years of active participation. She is especially fond of the support Rotary gives to local Not-for-Profits.
Dan Hoefler: Twelve years ago, Dan was a member of the Historic Preservation Commission who regularly purchased Rotary Corvette Raffle tickets. He knew many Rotarians and was eventually invited to a breakfast meeting by then member Tom Lalonde. He realized that joining Rotary would put him in touch with his community while expanding his personal reach and impact. He also became aware of an extended family connection: his father-in-law was a founding member of the club when it was chartered in 1948. Dan rapidly became engaged in club activities, including the Raffle Committee, Appropriations, and served as President for 1-1/2 terms. He shared that the club has changed and adapted well over the past 12 years while continuing to have significant local and international impact. Dan’s involvement in Rotary keeps him focused and energetic. He supports the global mission and loves the club’s service orientation. Dan says, “The world needs organizations like Rotary.” We couldn’t agree more.