Tom Van Cleave: Tom’s first exposure to Rotary was when he was 12 and his uncle took him to a meeting in Polo, IL. Years later, he was asked to join the Batavia Club by member Don Clark. Don thought Tom’s business would benefit from visiting the club, and the rest is history. When asked why he has remained a member for so many  years, Tom points to the strong friendships he has formed, the vibrant conversation at meetings, our philanthropy, and of course, the regular service projects. Tom also likes our international efforts, like the Foundation Grant he coordinated to provide over $10,000 in dental supplies to a clinic in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Tom says one thing you take away from Rotary is the feeling that you are welcome anywhere in the world. He can name 17 Rotary Clubs he has visited during personal and business travel. He recalls how the Rotary Club of San Juan helped him organize a 100 person visit to the island. “Rotary,” says Tom, “is like a welcome mat.”
Marge Brown: Already well-known throughout Batavia, Marge joined the club at husband Dave’s urging. Dave had joined earlier and positioned the club as a great couple experience. (We have multiple members who are couples.) Marge was also looking for a way to have an impact beyond the immediate community. Almost seven months into Rotary, Marge is impressed with the impact the club has locally and Rotary International’s global reach. She shared that the number of projects delivered by our small group is truly outstanding. Of course, Marge has stepped right up and become involved. While she has always been involved in community activities, Marge says that her involvement in Rotary has more clearly defined her purpose. She has enjoyed meeting new and interesting people while getting to know some earlier acquaintances a little better. She believes we need to do a better job of increasing our visibility. Marge is proud to be a Rotarian and wants everyone to know that if you want to have an impact on your community, Rotary is for you.