Thank you so much to Batavia Rotarians Bill Kettering and Brittany Meyer for spearheading this project and such a fine job! This bench sits in a very visible spot on Wilson Street in our downtown. The bench was old and tired from years of sun and weather damage - now it is not and shines in glory. Always look your best!
Congratulations to our 32nd Annual Batavia Rotary Club Corvette Raffle Winners!

Because of your support of the Batavia Rotary Club of Illinois’ Annual Corvette Raffle, over the past 30+ years, the Batavia Rotary Club has returned over $700,000 back to the Community of Batavia. To learn more about who we support and where your contributions go, you can visit our Who We Support page.

The Grand Prize Winner of the
2021 Corvette Coupe 1LT or $50,000 is...
Ticket #540
Carolyn Gathman of Elgin, IL
Winners of the 8 Additional Cash Prizes!
#284 - Robert Mickolayck - $500
#697 - Joyce Frankino - $500
#326 - Krista Deak - $500
#864 - Yaakov Raskin - $500
#907 - Tom Van Cleave - $500
#611 - Richard Krauss (July 21st Winner) - $500
#772 - Constance Keiler (Aug. 21st Winner) - $500
#785 - Michael Appel (Sept. 21st Winner) - $500
Rotary assisted the City of Batavia in a community mask distribution on Sunday, June 14th. Masks were made available to all Batavia citizens who needed them. Rotarians assisted with the distribution.
Batavia is ringing the bell this holiday season. Twenty Batavia Rotary Club members came out to Jewel on Randall Road and Woodfield Mall this past weekend to ring the bell for Salvation Army. This is a long standing tradition for our Club and we look forward to helping give back for the Holidays every year.
And the Grand Prize Winner of the
2020 Corvette Coupe 1LT or $45,000 is...
Ticket #449 – Susan Weber
Winners of the 10 Additional Cash Prizes!
#362 - Dale F Wise - $500
#314 - David Binkkley - $500
#885 - Norm Freedlund - $500
#962 - Michael Conneely - $500
#32 - Albert Atkinson - $500
#974 - Tony Tripodo - $500
#678 - Gerald Balutis - $500
#538 - William Mateus (Aug. 23rd Winner) - $500
#60 - Mike Mehelich (Sept. 23rd Winner) - $500
#190 - Michael Melarkley (Oct. 23rd Winner) - $500
Congratulations to our 31st Annual Batavia Rotary Club Corvette Raffle Winners and participants! Because of your support of the Batavia Rotary Club of Illinois’ Annual Corvette Raffle, over the past 30 years, the Batavia Rotary Club has returned over $700,000 back to the Community of Batavia. To learn more about who we support and where your contributions go, you can visit our Who We Support page.
Batavia Rotary volunteers at the Toy Drive. Started years ago by Rotarians and the tradition continues. Every year we help transport and prepare donated toys so every donation reaches the loving hands of a child. Merry Christmas!!
Batavia Rotary Club regularly gets together to donate time and share in fellowship at the Northern Illinois Food Bank. Thanks to all Rotarians who give back to their communities by helping in this great cause.
Great evening meal served at Lazarus House on Oct 29. Lazarus house is  homeless shelter in St.Charles Il. Our club serves dinner at the facility once every three months.
  • 07/18: Strike Out Polio event at the Kane County Cougars. This is the 10th time we are hosting this annual event. Tickets are $22. Each ticket includes $10 in Ozzie Bucks (for food or drink) and a $5 donation to Polio Plus. We have sold 1,364 tickets over the years. Please place your orders with Dave Pedersen. The ticket order deadline is 06/27.
Seven Rotarians showed up on a Saturday in May to paint the walls of the Batavia Interfaith Food Pantry.  With the much needed fresh coats of paint the food pantry volunteers and clients were pleased with the new look and thankful for the Rotary Clubs efforts
Batavia Rotary and Interactors gathered together on Saturday April 13th to clean up the trash along Main Street in Batavia. Many treasures and friendship were found. 
5th Annual Batavia Interact Night was held April 24th. It is great to share what Interact and Rotary has to offer to the community. Interactors showcased yearly program of success and brought new members together for certificates and awards. Good job Batavia Interact.
  • Had a good turnout for the Food Sharing Day on April 27, to benefit the Batavia Interfaith Food Pantry, at Berkley. We collected 117 cases of food.
  • Thank you Rotarians for all you do - Peter Lowe, Bill Kettering, Bob Hubbard, Dan Hoefler, tom Von Lunen.
  • The Rotary Club Trivia Bee team "The Game of Throw-ins" Don Hoefler, Tony Winter, and Dave Pedersen came in 9th out of 31 teams. Pictured is Dave Pedersen with Batavia Rotarian George Scheetz representing the Batavia Public Library.

Leora thanked us for our efforts at collecting donations at Christmas time by bell ringing and how that enables the Salvation Army to serve others throughout the year.  Just some of the ways that they serve is through the food pantry, after school programs, summer camp, health education programs, and spiritual care programs. The funding gathered in the tri-cities stays in the tri-cities.  “Everyone has the ability to give in some way and you never know when you might need help.” Bell ringing raised just over $900K.  April 12th is their annual dinner in St. Charles; if anyone is interested in attending, more information can be found at

An induction ceremony for Bill Kettering and Brittany Bruno welcoming them as new members to the Club. Great to have two new members on board to experience the good work of Rotary.

Pictured is Rotarian George Scheetz, Master of Ceremonies; Rotarian Tony Winter (sponsor for Brittany Bruno), Brittany Bruno, Bill Kettering, Rotarian Dan Hoefler (sponsor for Bill Kettering).

The Batavia Rotary Club was up to their "Elbows in Macaroni" at the Northern Illinois Food Bank February 19th. Members of the Batavia Rotary Club and the Batavia Interact Club bagged 1,886 pounds of macaroni. This much macaroni will be filling the bellies for 1,566 citizens in need. Thank you to all who came out to help. This helps feed the hearts of all and especially the Batavia Rotary Club.
One of our newest members has been officially inducted into the Batavia Rotary Club. Michael Shoultz will be a great addition to our club. He has been on many service projects so far and will continue the good work under the name of Rotary. We are very happy to have you in our Rotary family. Pictured below is new Rotarian Michael Shoultz and his sponsor Batavia Rotary President Elect Tony Winter.
Batavia Rotarians Bob Hubbard and Tom Van Cleave (not pictured) help out with this years' Batavia Access Toy Drive. Bob is given a helping hand by our Mayor Jeff Schielke.

Congratulations to our 30th Annual Batavia Rotary Club Corvette Raffle Winners!

2019 Corvette #996 James Nasti

$500 #779 David Satkus

$500 #641 Alan Balutis

$500 #162 Connie Lemme

$500 #306 Dan Hoefler

$500 #761 David Satkus

$500 #557 Rickey Pierce

$500 #300 Kevin Scroggins

AUG Early Bird $500 #505 Daniel Zack

SEP Early Bird $500 #32 Carlton McLamb

OCT Early Bird $500 #308 Dan Hoefler

Fundraising Chair Tom VonLunen and Club President Dan Hoefler pick the winning tickets at the event on Saturday night.

Grand prize winner James Nasti visits our Club to meet our members and share in Rotary camaraderie.


Donations will fund many worthwhile programs for local, national, and international service projects. We support programs to eradicate polio, fight hunger, provide clean water, promote literacy, and alleviate suffering worldwide.

Polio cases have dropped by over 99.9 percent since 1988, and the world now stands on the threshold of eradicating this dread disease and thereby eliminating the threat of polio-caused paralysis to every child in the world. October 15th at the Batavia City Council Meeting Mayor Jeff Schielke proclaims October 24, 2018 as World Polio Day in Batavia, Illinois. Batavia Rotary Club has pledged to continue to contribute their time and their resources to support Polio Plus and the Global Eradication Initiative.  We encourage all residents to join the Rotarians of Batavia and the world in the fight for a polio-free world.
Welcome to Our Club!

Service Above Self

We meet In Person
Tuesdays at 7:15 AM
Apple Villa
1961 W Wilson
Batavia, IL 60510
United States of America
New meeting schedule: - 1st & 3rd Tuesdays at Apple Villa - Other Tuesdays on Zoom - Send an email to for a Zoom invitation
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Batavia Illinois Rotary Club

Rotary’s second virtual convention highlights accomplishment in polio, progress toward ending COVID-19

Rotary’s second virtual convention highlights accomplishment in polio, progress toward ending COVID-19

Swiss Rotary clubs help young refugees start new lives

The program matches refugees with training to get them settled and fill a need for skilled workers.

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Common Ground: Rotary Magazine 2021 Photo Awards. In a time of separation, our winning photographers used their cameras to make connections.

Rotary members lead effort to transform childbirth care in Mongolia

Julie Dockrill, recipient of Rotary’s People of Action: Champions of Health, led a team of midwives in training health care professionals as part of a comprehensive well-being program that’s saving mothers and babies.

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